Denmark Watch Company Creates Watches Made from Salvaged Ford Mustangs


REC Watches, a Denmark-based watch company, has created a lines of watches made with salvaged and recycled Ford Motor Co. Mustangs, called the P-51.

“Sadly, there are many Mustangs rusting away in garages and junkyards,” says Christian Mygh, co-founder of REC Watches, based in Copenhagen. “We want to recover, recycle, and reclaim these classic cars in a way that does justice to their spirit of freedom and power.”

Mygh says the P-51 comes in three variations: The P-51-01 has orange hands over a black dial with a black calf leather strap; P-51-02 offers blue hands, a white gray dial, and a brown calf leather strap; and P-51-03 is outfitted with gold hands, a recycled gold top dial, and a double black calf leather strap.

He says each P-51 comes with a story card, featuring a near field communication chip and QR code. When scanned, the story card activates a link to a video telling the story of the specific car behind the watch.

Mygh says the decision to use Ford Mustang as the model for the P-51 was determined by a poll on the REC Watches website. Last year, REC Watches released its first collection of watches based on cars, which was the classic Minis of the 1960s.