Delphi to Demonstrate Connected Vehicle Features at CES Show in Las Vegas


After Delphi Automotive PLC’s automated vehicle successfully completed a drive from San Francisco to New York, the global automotive supplier, with its regional headquarters in Troy, will demonstrate its technologies at the International Consumer Electronics Show to be held next month in Las Vegas.

Jeff Owens, chief technology officer of Delphi, says the company’s driverless vehicle can communicate with streets, signs, traffic lights, other cars, and pedestrians.

“We imagine a world with zero traffic accidents,” Owens says. “To get there we will need a convergence of active safety, sensor fusion, connectivity platforms, and advanced software. 

During the CES Show, its automated vehicle will demonstrate technologies including vehicle-to-vehicle, in which Delphi’s car can see all vehicles nearby and can detect when an adjacent car abruptly decides to get into the same lane, and vehicle-to-pedestrian, where a vehicle is alerted to pedestrians who are not paying attention to traffic as they use their phone.

Other technologies include vehicle-to-traffic light, where Delphi’s vehicle knows the status of traffic lights and can anticipate red and yellow lights; blind corners, in which Delphi’s vehicle can manage intersections at strange angles; and ride sharing, where the driver’s friends and family can be notified of the driver’s location so that they can request a ride.

Owens says Delphi’s vehicle-to-vehicle technology will appear on the Super Cruise system on the 2017 Cadillac CTS.

He says at the CES Show, Delphi will unveil another technology that allows all vehicles equipped with a vehicle-to-vehicle — not just those with Delphi technology — to talk to one another. The company will also display its touch-free cockpit and 3-D instrument cluster.

The International Consumer Electronics Show, a private electronics and technology trade show, will be held Jan. 6-9 at various locations throughout Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center.