Delphi Announces Three Partnerships to Advance Automated Driving Technology


Delphi Automotive, which operates its North American headquarters in Troy, today announced several collaborative initiatives to further the automated driving industry, including a minority investment in Valens, an Israel-based signal processing distributor. Under the agreement, Delphi and Valens will work closely together to advance solutions for in-vehicle connectivity based on HDBaseT and Delphi designs.

Valens developed what it calls HDBaseT to transmit ultra-high definition video, audio, Ethernet, and controls data and address the challenges of the connected car, including increasing bandwidth and wiring necessary for infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

“Demand for increased connectivity, active safety, and greater vehicle automation requires best-in-class signal and power distribution capabilities along with a robust data management strategy,” says Kevin Clark, Delphi’s president and CEO. “Delphi’s vision is to enable the ‘brain’ and ‘nerve center’ of the vehicle through our leadership in computing and electrical architecture. This partnership strengthens our capability in this space.”

Additonally, Delphi today announced a commercial partnership with Otonomo, a technology company founded in Isreal in 2015 and known for developing a data marketplace for automakers. Otonomo’s connected car marketplace securely connects car data from and OEM to service and application providers including insurance, fleet transportation, vehicle repair services, emergency services, and expense control applications. By organizing the data, the company’s marketplace provides OEMs with full control over monetizing the valuable data from controlled vehicles.

“The focus of our partnership will be bringing Otonomo’s connected car marketplace to OEM customers,” adds Clark. “Otonomo’s connected car marketplace will be integrated with Delphi products to offer a complete data acquisition and monetization solution for automakers.”

The partnership complements Delphi’s existing data management capabilities of Control-Tec for data acquisition and Movimento for over-the-air updates. Delphi will offer services from all three companies as part of a connected car ecosystem.

Delphi is also supporting the partnership by making a minority investment in Otonomo.

Delphi also announced a strategic agreement with German supplier Rosenberger to collaborate on high-performance, cost effective, and high-speed Ethernet solutions for the transportation market. Founded in 1958, Rosenberger provides connection systems to several industries, including telecommunication, medical, and test and measurement, and will be working with Delphi to bring their systems to future ADAS, automated driving, and connected vehicle platforms.

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