Dearborn’s Ford Motor Co. Launches Online Car Shopping in Partnerships with Dealerships


Ford Motor Co. today announced the launch of Ready.Shop.Go., an online shopping platform that allows customers to research and prepare to buy a car without stepping into a showroom. Customers will still need to visit a dealership to finalize the sale or lease of a vehicle.

On the platform, customers can search inventory, view pricing and incentives, lock in a deal for 48 hours (subject to vehicle availability), apply for financing, check out leasing options, estimate trade-in values, compare prices, participate in an online credit application process through Ford Credit, and schedule a test drive.

“Our customers are busy people, whether with daily work demands or spending time with their families,” says Mark LaNeve, vice president of U.S. marketing, sales, and service at Ford. “Quality time is scarce, and downtime is even more so. Ready.Shop.Go. allows them to find the perfect vehicle online, spend significantly less time at the dealership, and drive away with their new ride sooner.”

The platform rollout for the Midwest begins this month. It is slated to be available across the county by the end of this year.

Eventually, the company wants the platform to offer customizable purchase and lease options, and the ability to remotely review and digitally execute contracts with Ford Credit.

“As we worked with our dealers to develop Ready.Shop.Go., it was important to make sure the experience benefited both our customers and our dealers,” says LaNeve. “This experience delivers the functionality and flexibility customers need to select a vehicle at their preferred dealership, then apply for financing before ever stepping into a showroom, saving both customers and dealers valuable time.”

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