Dearborn’s EnvisionTEC and Arizona’s AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions Partner to Offer Dentures Made Digitally


Dearborn-based EnvisionTEC, a company that makes dental 3-D printers and materials, and Arizona-based AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions, a digital denture company, today announced a new partnership to offer a complete digital workflow solution for digital dentures, from impressions and digital design to try-in and final restoration.

EnvisionTEC launched the first FDA-approved full denture solution for 3-D printing in 2017. AvaDent offers digital denture software and design services to dental professionals to make prosthetics through milling or 3-D printing.

“While 3-D printing a full denture on our 3-D printers is easy, digitally designing a denture can be complicated,” says Al Siblani, EnvisionTEC CEO. “That’s why we’re so excited to work with AvaDent, which offers easy-to-use software and delivers a tested workflow to labs and dentists.”

EnvisionTEC’s new materials and printers mean laboratories and dentists can 3-D print custom-fitted dentures in their offices. They can also print crowns, bridges, bite splints, gingiva masks, and castables.

“We see an immediate opportunity for labs and clinicians to begin 3-D printing try-in dentures and final restorations, alongside the many other dental applications offered by 3-D printers,” says Jan Slor, vice president and general manager of Global Dental Science LLC, which owns AvaDent.

Customers can scan impressions and send the scan files to AvaDent, which designs digital dentures and sends the design files to the customers. Then, dentists and labs can manufacture the prosthesis on their mills or 3-D printers. AvaDent can also manufacture the prosthesis. The company can design and create base plates, bonded dentures, monolithic dentures, hybrid dentures, overdentures, pucks, and print files.

More information about the new collaboration will be on display this week at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2018. The companies will offer discounts at this event in celebration of the partnership.

Digital dentures are the most difficult dental prosthetic to manufacture because of fit, bite, and aesthetic requirements. However, if a digital denture is lost, a new one can quickly be manufactured because the patient’s digital file will be stored. An estimated two-thirds of dental labs already use 3-D printers in their manufacturing processes.

EnvisionTEC was founded in 2002 and sells more than 40 3-D printer models based on six technologies that build objects from digital design files. The printers serve a variety of medical, professional, and industrial markets. The company owns more than 140 pending and granted patents.

AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions is owned by Global Dental Science LLC, which works to improve dental procedures and outcomes through process automation.

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