DBusiness Wins Three Gold, Three Silver in AABP National Editorial Excellence Awards

DBusiness magazine took home three gold and three silver awards in the annual Alliance of Area Business Publishers national editorial excellence awards program for 2023 coverage.
DBusiness won three Gold and three Silver awards in the AABP National Editorial Excellence program. // File photo

DBusiness magazine took home three gold and three silver awards in the annual Alliance of Area Business Publishers national editorial excellence awards program for 2023 coverage.

Since its start in 2006, DBusiness has been honored with close to 80 national editorial excellence awards from the AABP, including being named the top regional business magazine in the country.

For the most recent awards, gold honors went to writer Norm Sinclair for Best Body of Work by a Single Writer; Patents and Inventions, also by Sinclair, for Best Recurring Feature; and Letter from the Editor by R.J. King for Best Bylined Commentary.

Silver honors were bestowed on DBusiness for Best Magazine, Best Overall Design, and Best Investigative Reporting.

“Congratulations to the entire DBusiness team and the award winners from other magazines and newspapers across the country,” says R.J. King, editor of DBusiness magazine, DBusiness Daily News, Hustle and Muscle, and Detroit 500.

“We strive daily to provide insightful, unbiased reporting to our readers, and it gratifying to be recognized by the AABP judges. We’re fortunate to cover a dynamic business sector that spans manufacturing, technology, health care, fintech, and so much more. We’d also like to thank our advertisers and sponsors for their continued support.”

Of Sinclair’s Gold-winning work in 2023, the judges wrote: “Surprise is the hallmark for this writer — like a story about the aftermath of a restaurant fire that paints a picture of how the fire sparked renewal and reinvention; and how the company that bought the famed but bankrupt furniture retailer Art Van used the best pieces of that failed business to create a stronger new company. But the highlight of this entry was a package on the Michigan’s new gold mining rush, and how it is raising hopes and causing friction at the same time. The writing is top-notch, and the reporting shows that this writer knows his community.”

Patents and Inventions, according to the judges, are “snapshots of innovators who reshaped commerce and industry. (They) are stylishly written and thoroughly engaging. Who knew the founder of Dow Chemical once hoped to raise ostriches in South Africa? Or that Bissell vacuums were the last-ditch solution to the frustration of trapped sawdust and straw in carpets? The series is a fine example of top-notch storytelling that entertains as well as informs.”

Judges wrote this about King’s Best Bylined Commentary Gold-winning entry: “An independent thinker, the author leans into the right-versus-left political cauldron to address needs of his business audience and community. Suggestions include more education; fewer, smaller subsidies to attract new business; and  … more revenue for education, health care, and infrastructure.”

The DBusiness staff — King, Tim Keenan, Justin Stenson, Stephanie Daniel, and Steven Prokuda — took home Silver in the overall Best Magazine category.

“There is a lot to praise in this publication,” the judges wrote. “Stories are well-reported and displayed, covers are strong and effective, sections are helpfully labeled for easy navigation, and overall packaging is clear and inviting. Business profiles are standouts and full of personality, making them go-to content in every issue. “The Ticker” and “Closing Bell” are also favorites, with ample news, local flavor, and unexpected details. The overall impression is a publication in sync with its audience.”

The magazine’s art team of Justin Stenson and Stephanie Daniel also scored a silver for Best Overall Magazine Design.

“Bold visual statements are made with the use of sophisticated and conceptual illustrations on topics like national debt, billionaires restoring local businesses, and the success of a local enterprise more than 100 years old,” wrote the judges. “A sophisticated visual theme carries through the pages with relevant type styles, effective grid systems, and strong page designs. The overall design maintains a fantastic visual pace that is highlighted by elegant and colorful section openers. The high-end look and feel is wonderfully complemented with fun and creative visual solutions.”

In addition to the Gold awards, Norm Sinclair won a Silver in the Best Investigative Reporting category with his “Prospecting for Gold” story.

“A comprehensive, well-organized examination of the potential impacts, good and bad, of a proposed gold and silver mining operation,” wrote the judges. “The story is balanced and well-sourced and includes important context and history.”

AABP conducts its Editorial and Design Excellence Competition annually. The competition is coordinated and judged by faculty at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The purpose of the competition is to encourage a high level of journalistic performance and service to communities by recognizing editorial excellence and outstanding visual presentation in regional business publications.