DBusiness Earns Four Gold, Three Silver, and Two Bronze Awards for National Editorial Excellence

DBusiness magazine captured four Gold, three Silver, and two Bronze Awards for national editorial and design excellence during 2019. It was the most awards the magazine, founded in 2006, has been bestowed in a given year.
DBusiness July/August 2020 cover
DBusiness magazine earned nine awards for editorial and design excellence for work completed in 2019. Pictured is the magazine’s current issue for July and August 2020.

DBusiness magazine captured four Gold, three Silver, and two Bronze Awards for national editorial and design excellence during 2019. It was the most awards the magazine, founded in 2006, has been bestowed in a given year.

The Alliance of Area Business Publishers (AABP) announced the winners of its annual competition on June 25 during closing ceremonies of its four-day Virtual National Conference. Overall, the AABP represents approximately 65 business publications in North America with a combined circulation of more than 1.8 million subscribers.

“We appreciate the support of our subscribers, advertisers, and sponsors — both print and digital — as we strive every day to deliver insightful, fact-based coverage in an engaging, well-designed package,” says R.J. King, editor of DBusiness magazine. “To have now been recognized with more than 40 Gold and Silver Editorial Excellence Awards since 2011 is quite an accomplishment, including being named the top business magazine in the country.”

Judges saw 448 entries from 34 publications in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

DBusiness Gold Winners include:

Best Local Coverage of National Business/Economic Story: “The Rise of Mobility” by Ronald Ahrens and Paul A. Eisenstein. “This is extraordinary and forward-thinking reporting on Detroit automakers’ work toward developing autonomous vehicles and the economic and social ramifications of the coming technology. Crisp writing, authoritative voice, and thoughtful interviews drive this one to top,” said the judges.

Best Body of Work, Single Writer: Ronald Ahrens. “The writer is a practiced hand on the auto beat, and his work on autonomous cars shows deep knowledge of a complicated subject,” said the judges. “He also turns a historical profile into an entertaining read, and lends his ability to understand all sides of a story to his take on Michigan’s foray into legal marijuana.

Best Bylined Commentary: “Short Fuse” by R.J. King. “Writing from (the) ‘Motor City,’ this piece is smart, economical, and packs a punch while also providing a thoughtful explainer and a reality check that challenges conventional thinking on the business behind electric-car manufacturing,” the judges said.

Best Editorial: “Classrooms in the Workplace” by R.J. King. “This editorial delves into a workplace innovation that offers an intriguing and important solution: workplace classrooms,” the judges said. “In doing so, attention is being paid to an issue that strikes at the heart of what business reporting can be about — equality and opportunity.”

DBusiness Silver Winners Include:

Best Feature: “The Next Gold Rush” by Ronald Ahrens. “With extensive detail and context, this story provides a detailed look at the challenges facing the fledgling marijuana industry in Michigan,” said the judges. “It explores the people who are part of it and what the future holds.”

Best Personality Profile: “Urban Nutrient” by R.J. King. “Here is an engaging portrait of one of Detroit’s most debated entrepreneurs, John Hantz, the mastermind behind an urban tree farm borne by clearing some 2,000 vacant city-owned lots in blighted a neighborhood,” according to the judges. “A smart and timely recounting of how Hantz’s work has, against great odds, become a model for other cities.”

Best Explanatory Journalism: “Cellular Defense” by Norm Sinclair. The reporter tells a compelling who-done-it about a Detroit criminal case centering on cell phone records that reached the U.S. Supreme Court,” said the judges. “By tapping into transcripts and interviews with key legal sources, he helps show how authorities built their case.”

DBusiness Bronze Winners Include:

Best Feature Layout – Magazine: “The Next Gold Rush?” Austin Phillips. The combination of black with bold colors makes the layout striking,” the judges said. “Elements are arranged for easy reading. The mixed-width grid provides an interesting structure and is used effectively. Original illustrations are well done and tie the spreads together visually.”

Best Overall Design – Magazine: Austin Phillips and Alex Shammami. Strong covers — from portraits to conceptual — Introduce a publication that is professionally designed throughout,” the judges pointed out. “Pages have dominance. There’s a good mix of large and small photos. Typography is used to draw readers’ attention. The package ‘Powered by Women,’ demonstrates all these talents together.

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