DBusiness Daily Update: Author Malcolm Gladwell to be Featured Presenter at Detroit Auto Show, and more

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Malcolm Gladwell
Author Malcolm Gladwell will be the featured speaker at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show’s Mobility Global Forum. // Photo courtesy of the Detroit Auto Show

Our roundup of the latest news from metro Detroit and Michigan businesses as well as announcements from government agencies. To share a business or nonprofit story, please send us a message here.

Author Malcolm Gladwell to be Featured Speaker at Detroit Auto Show Mobility Global Forum

Author Malcolm Gladwell, a global thinker and author, will be the featured speaker at the Detroit Auto Show’s new Mobility Global Forum on Thursday, Sept. 14, at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit.

The Forum is a two-day event featuring powerful perspectives from thought leaders and CEOs in mobility, design, and technology. The Mobility Global Forum is Sept. 13 – 14, and the Detroit Auto Show is Sept. 13 – 24 (public days are Sept. 16 – 24).

Gladwell is the author of six New York Times bestsellers – “The Tipping Point,” “Blink,” “Outliers,” “What the Dog Saw,” “David and Goliath,” and “Talking to Strangers.” He has been named one of the 100 most influential people by TIME magazine and one of the Foreign Policy’s Top Global Thinkers.

“We’re extremely pleased to launch the first year of our Mobility Global Forum with a phenomenal best-selling author who has taken the business world by storm,” says Thad Szott, chairman of the Detroit Auto Show.  “Mr. Gladwell’s presentation, together with the incredible roster of speakers we have planned over two days, will provide a compelling look at the dynamic world of new mobility and our place in it.”

In addition to Gladwell’s featured presentation, the Mobility Global Forum will offer a speaker lineup of 30+ top executives and industry experts from numerous mobility and technology companies, including Silvio Pietro, CEO Pininfarina SpA, who is being presented by the consulate of Italy in Detroit.

In turn, Google will host two panel discussions with industry experts discussing AI’s impact in the automotive industry and the evolution of in-vehicle experiences; and Carla Walker-Miller, founder and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy Services, will be hosting a fireside chat about “Driving the Future with Equitable Clean Mobility.”
To learn more about the forum and the auto show, go to naias.com.

Opus IVS Introduces Innovative In-person Live Training Events to Enhance Automotive Technicians’ Expertise

Dexter’s Opus IVS, a leading provider of Intelligent Vehicle Support (IVS) solutions, will be putting on an upcoming series of live training events aimed at equipping automotive technicians with the skills and knowledge needed in the rapidly evolving automotive repair landscape.

These training sessions are designed to enhance technicians’ capabilities, reduce repair time, and increase billable hours. The Opus IVS training events will take place in three prime locations across the United States:

  • Huntington Beach, Calif.: Saturday, Oct. 14.
  • Dexter: Saturday, Oct. 21.
  • Commack, N.Y.: Saturday, Nov. 18.

Each training class is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in its respective time zone. The cost to attend the training session is $195, making it an affordable investment for technicians seeking to elevate their expertise.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from OEM dealer master technicians with experience and insights. The training will cover key aspects such as utilizing the J2534 tool and harnessing its potential to perform diagnostic and programming functions across a range of vehicle lines. Attendees can expect to gain proficiency in working with vehicle brands including Ford, GM, Stellantis, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, and Acura.

“Opus IVS is dedicated to empowering automotive technicians with the skills and tools necessary to conquer complex repair challenges effectively and efficiently,” says Kevin FitzPatrick, senior vice president and head of training at Opus IVS. “Our training events are carefully crafted to provide practical insights and hands-on experience, enabling technicians to save time, increase billable hours, and enhance their diagnostic and programming capabilities.”

By participating in these training events, technicians can:

  • R reduce repair time and increase billable hours.
  • Elevate their technical proficiency and problem-solving skills.
  • Minimize the need for subletting repair tasks.

For registration and additional information about the Opus IVS training series, please visit https://masterclasslive.pro and select the desired location.

Opus IVS is the Intelligent Vehicle Support division of Opus Group, formed through the merging of DrewTech, Autologic, Farsight, BlueLink, and AutoEnginuity to develop new automotive solutions for more than 55,000 repair shops and dealerships worldwide.

Study: Structure Ropes Market is Forecast to Reach $442.6M in 2028

Stratview Research in Detroit, a global market research firm issued a report on the structure ropes market (high-strength steel cables used in bridges, roof structures, stayed masts and towers, and specialized structural projects).

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global and regional industry forecast, current and emerging trends, segment analysis, and competitive landscape, and breaks down the how structure ropes market is segmented based on application type, material type, end-user type, and region.

Structure ropes are put into bridges, roof structures, stayed masts, and towers, and specialized structural projects. Bridge applications are expected to generate the maximum demand for structure ropes during the forecast period.

Wire rope is a preferred lifting device for bridges, especially in the case of suspension bridges as the structure of the rope provides strength, flexibility, and the ability to handle bending stresses.

The structure ropes are made of steel ropes and synthetic ropes, with steel ropes dominating the market in 2022 and are likely to grow at a healthy rate during the forecast period.

They are stiffer and can withstand greater stress as compared to their synthetic counterparts, which has led to their widespread usage in the industry. Synthetic rope has gained some popularity in structure applications in recent years, but it is expected to hold a minor share of the market during the forecast period.

The report suggests that North America is expected to remain the largest market for structure ropes market during the forecast period. The United States is expected to lead the North American structure ropes market, owing to its massive infrastructure spending on both new construction and repair.

Europe holds the second-leading position in the market and is expected to maintain its position over the forecast period. Owing to rapid urbanization, expanding 5G infrastructure, and increasing investments in basic infrastructure requirements such as bridges and stadiums, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth in the coming years.

Some of the key drivers listed in the report are:

  • Increasing investments in infrastructure projects (bridges and telecommunications), especially in emerging economies.
  • Rapid urbanization, a surge in the adoption of 5G networks, and the growing sports industry.

The market is highly populated with the presence of several local, regional, and global players. Most of the major players compete in some of the governing factors including price, product offerings, and regional presence.  The following are the key players in the structure ropes market.

  • Teufelberger-Redaelli
  • Kiswire Group
  • WireCo WorldGroup
  • Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group
  • ArcelorMittal S.A.
  • Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd.
  • Fasten Group
  • Fatzer AG
  • Guizhao Wire Rope Incorporated
  • Usha Martin Ltd

To learn more about the future of the structured rope market, go to stratviewresearch.com/2898/structure-ropes-market.html.

Study: Polypropylene Compound Market is Forecast to Reach $16.1B in 2028

Detroit-based global research firm Stratview Research’s latest report on the polypropylene (PP) looks at the global and regional industry forecast, current and emerging trends, segment analysis, and competitive landscape.

The report broke down polypropylene compound market into segments based on end-use industry type, filler type, polymer type, and region.

The PP compounds are used in many industries, including automotive, building and construction, electrical and electronics, and others. Automotive continues to dominate as the leading end-use industry for plastics, particularly PP, due to its mechanical properties and moldability, with usage expected to increase in automotive components over the next five years.

Bumpers, door panels, interior trims, engine components, and fuel tanks are some applications where PP compounds are widely preferred. Mineral-filled and compounded TPO/TPVs are the predominantly used filler types in this industry.

There are several types of PP materials in the market. They include mineral-filled compounds, glass-reinforced compounds, additive concentrates, compounded TPO/TPVs, and others.

Mineral is a dominant filler with usage in a variety of end-use industries due to its ability to offer a balance of performance, cost-effectiveness, weight reduction, heat resistance, dimensional stability, flame retardancy, and improved surface finish.

Mineral fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talc, and mica, are added to compounds to deliver a low-cost option. Alumina trihydrate (ATH) and magnesium dihydroxide (MDH) are added to offer flame-retardant properties.

The market is further segmented into homopolymer, random copolymer, and impact copolymer. Impact copolymer is expected to remain the largest segment during the forecast period. Impact copolymers are engineered with additives and modifiers that improve their ability to withstand impacts and resist cracking or breaking.

Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) have been used in PP compounds for a long time as a result, there is an established supply chain and infrastructure in place for their production, distribution, and processing.

The report suggests that Asia-Pacific is expected to remain the largest market for polypropylene compound market during the forecast period.

This growth is majorly attributed to China, Japan, and India, which are the major automobile manufacturing hubs that are fueling the demand for PP compounds in the region.

On the other hand, the second-leading position captured by Europe in the market is driven by the changing market landscape. This region is also home to key PP compound producers such as LyondellBasell, Borealis, ExxonMobil, SABIC, and TotalEnergies.

Some of the key drivers listed in the report are:

  • Rising demand for lightweight and high-performing plastics in the automotive industry.
  • A rapid shift toward electric vehicles, which is creating an attractive business opportunity for polymers, including PP compounds.
  • The electrical & electronics industry is increasingly incorporating PP compounds into their products, such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and tumble dryers, to achieve improved thermal stability and mechanical stiffness.

The market is highly populated, with the presence of more than 100 local, regional, and global players.

Most of the major players compete on some of the governing factors, including price, product offerings, and regional presence. These players have distinct capabilities for manufacturing PP compounds using a multitude of materials.

They have been increasing their research and development investments to cope with the high demand arising from various industries. The major players, such as LyondellBasell, Mitsui Chemicals, and Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. are increasing production capacities of PP compounds to capitalize on the growing market and enhance their competitiveness in the industry. The following are the key players in the PP compounds market.

  • LyondellBasell Industries Holdings B.V.
  • Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
  • Kingfa SCI. & TECH. CO., LTD.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
  • Washington Penn
  • Borealis AG
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation

To learn more, go to https://www.stratviewresearch.com/Request-Sample/3070/polypropylene-compound-market.html#form

Censys Appoints New Channel Leader to Drive Its Channel-first Strategy

Censys in Ann Arbor, an internet intelligence platform for threat hunting and exposure management, has engaged in more than 100 partner-sourced opportunities and expanded its program internationally since July of 2022 after launching its Channel Partner Program.

Censys is now turning its attention to all security-focused value-added resellers. This momentum comes as Briana Gulley joins the company as its vice president of global channel.

Gulley plans to continue expanding Censys’ Channel Partner Program by emphasizing the company as a channel-first sales organization with a goal to take no deals directly and bring partners into every new opportunity.

“Building a channel business is what I do best. My prior experience with enterprise companies has prepared me to take Censys on a journey to be a channel-first sales organization,” says Gulley. “My goal for Censys is to develop a strategy with tactics that allow Censys’ Channel Program to be the company’s top source for revenue, customer acquisitions, and opportunities. Censys is transforming its go-to-market strategy to lead with the channel.”

“At Censys, we are committed to the channel-first journey, and Briana is the perfect person to lead us as we continue down this path,” says Sarah Ashburn, Chief revenue officer at Censys. “Censys’ recent growth in the channel speaks volumes about our focus and dedication to our partners and customers. Censys’ partners know that when they work with us, they are getting an organization that puts the customer’s needs first and will deliver the most accurate and comprehensive view of the network.”

To become a channel-first organization, Censys will offer a margin guarantee for qualifying deals, new logos through the channel, and move direct renewals to go through the channel, eliminating all agreements with one-off partners. All Public Sector partnerships will now be distributed through Carahsoft Technology Corp., a government IT solutions provider.

Carahsoft’s partnership should enable Censys to further expand into the state, local, and education (SLED) market by providing access to a dedicated business development representative. This representative is solely focused on Censys outbound prospecting.

“Our relationship with Censys continues to be extremely successful. We are dedicated to helping Censys grow their Public Sector partnerships by providing them with the tools they need to accelerate their Public Sector programs,” says Brian O’Donnell, vice president of cybersecurity solutions at Carahsoft. “This partnership allows our Carahsoft team and reseller partners to help Censys reach new markets while ensuring all attack surfaces remain secure.”

Censys’ continued channel growth comes shortly after its recent appointment of several new executives who facilitated relationships with key partners in the market.

Those interested in learning more about opportunities to partner with Censys, visit: https://censys.com/partners/.

Auto Investment Partners Diversifies Railroad Infrastructure Maintenance Platform

Private investment firm Auxo Investment Partners, a Grand Rapids-based private investment firm that partners with companies at transition points in their history, has acquired Cariboo Central Railroad Contracting, a western Canada-based railroad infrastructure maintenance and construction service provider to Class I railroads, short-line railroads, and industrial customers.

The addition, which expands Auxo’s railroad infrastructure maintenance platform, under the Genesis Rail Services brand, follows the acquisitions of Genesis Rail, a full-service railroad maintenance company, and Ferrovia Vegetation Management, a railroad vegetation management company.

Headquartered in Kelowna, B.C., Cariboo is Auxo’s first acquisition in the Canadian market. Cariboo serves as a railroad infrastructure maintenance services provider throughout western, Central, and northern Canada.

Its service offering includes a full range of track services including new track construction, rail and tie changing, track inspection, rail, ballast and tie maintenance, snow removal, and emergency response services (derailments, fires, mechanical issues).

Cariboo will be integrated into the Genesis Rail Services Platform alongside Genesis and Ferrovia.

“We are extremely excited to bring Cariboo Rail into the Genesis Rail Services portfolio of businesses,” says Allen Blythe, president and CEO of Genesis Rail Services. Cariboo will serve as a gateway for our platform’s expansion into the Canadian market and create numerous synergies for our growing U.S.-based platform and our customers.”

Cariboo will continue to be managed locally by its current CEO, Clint Stibbard and general manager, Bryson Gibson.

“The addition of Cariboo expands our footprint into Canada and brings a veteran team of Canadian railroaders onto the Genesis team. It has been a pleasure getting to know the Cariboo team and we are excited to welcome them into the Auxo family,” said Jeff Helminski, managing partner of Auxo Investment Partners.

Auxo was named after the ancient Greek goddess of growth, and the firm seeks to partner with companies that meet the following investment criteria:

  • North America-based.
  • Manufacturing, industrial, value-added distribution or business services industries.
  • EBITDA (cash flow) of $2-$20 million.
  • Owner-operators seeking retirement, family succession planning solutions, or existing teams seeking to grow their businesses.
  • Prefer majority-control investments but will consider select minority-partner opportunities.

Galaxie Corp. Commissioned to Sell Assets of Major Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Producer in Turkey

Galaxie Corp. in Wayne, a company that specializes in international plant sales for the steel industry has been commissioned by Emek Boru in Turkey, is selling all of its major assets at its plant in Ankara, Turkey.

Emek Boru is a spiral welded steel pipe producer for the oil, gas, construction, water, and waste transmission industries. The sale of its plant features three spiral pipe production lines, hydrostatic testers, coating lines, beveling machines, and various plant support and material handling equipment.

The equipment has industry specific certifications and can be seen in operation for a limited time.

Galaxie Corp. is a worldwide machinery dealer for buying, selling, and stocking tube and pipe mills, slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, rolling mills, roll formers, and all other equipment associated with coil and steel sheet processing.

The company handles plant liquidation sales for the tube, pipe, and metalworking industries having done purchases and sales on every habitable continent.

UnitedHealthCare Awards $500,00 to Five Health Center to Increase Access to Mental Health Services

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Michigan awarded five federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) $100,000 grants for the purpose of expanding access to behavioral health services across the state.

The FQHCs include Cherry Health in Grand Rapids, Family Health Center in Grand Rapids, Great Lakes Bay Health Centers in Saginaw, InterCare Community Health Network in Bangor, and MidMichigan Community Health Services in Houghton Lake.

“Our FQHC partners work tirelessly to ensure individuals in the communities we serve are able to obtain critical care like behavioral health support,” says Dennis Mouras, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Michigan. “It is an honor to collaborate with them to ensure Michiganders receive the services they need to support their mental health.”

Each of the FQHCs have dedicated the grant funds to specific projects:

  • Cherry Health will hire additional staff to support their substance use disorder treatment efforts and expand local partnerships to sustain greater access to care in the community.
  • Family Health Center will develop mental health screening programs and train additional staff to expand inpatient detoxification services. The FQHC will also create more accessible treatment spaces for individuals with disabilities.
  • Great Lakes Bay Health Centers will create educational videos, expand breastfeeding support services in the Saginaw area and conduct behavioral health training for staff.
  • InterCare Community Health Network will train and recruit additional health workers and expand telehealth services to extend the FQHC’s patient reach.
  • MidMichigan Community Health Services will renovate and expand its space for substance use disorder and psychiatric treatment, increasing the number of patients the health center is able to serve.

“We are very appreciative of the support from UnitedHealthcare, which will help us improve the lives of all of our patients,” says Eileen Chiang, vice president of corporate services and CFO, Family Health Center. “We continue to focus on refining our services to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our patients. As part of these efforts, the grant is helping us advance behavioral health and substance use services for community members in Kalamazoo County.”

Nearly 30 percent of adults in Michigan report experiencing symptoms related to anxiety or depression. Many people in need of behavioral health care or substance use treatment are unable to access it in a timely manner due to provider shortages, particularly in rural areas.

The grant recipients recognize that there is a need to increase access to care and deploy innovative programs to drive better behavioral health outcomes in Michigan.

UnitedHealthcare serves more than 1.7 million members enrolled in Medicaid, employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare and retirement plans in Michigan, with a network of 156 hospitals, and over 55,000 physicians and other care providers statewide.

FLO Named Finalist for Reuters D.R.I.V.E. Honors

FLO, a Canadian-based electric vehicle (EV) charging company with a production facility in Auburn Hills, was selected as a finalist in two categories for the 2023 Reuters Automotive D.R.I.V.E Honors.

This recognition is meant to recognize FLO’s commitment to innovation, expertise, and delivering the EV charging experiences across North America.

FLO is a finalist in the following categories, as part of a global initiative recognizing commitment to automotive excellence.

  • Innovation Category Finalist: FLO Ultra FLO’s new fast charger. This category honors organizations driving innovation within the automotive industry. FLO Ultra, FLO’s new fast charger was nominated as a finalist and FLO was the only EV charging company named in this category, showcasing FLO’s place as an industry leader. FLO Ultra is an ultra-fast charger engineered to maximize energy delivery with a smart design that enables the ultimate EV charging experience.
  • Visionary Leader Category Finalist: FLO Founder and CEO Louis TremblayThis category recognizes five executives for their excellence and visionary leadership. Tremblay co-founded FLO in 2009 while studying electrical engineering and working on an electric vehicle project. Now, 14 years later, FLO is Canada’s largest public EV charging network and FLO charging stations top the industry in reliability and durability and are backed by a network dedicated to keeping FLO stations online and ready for use.

“When I founded FLO, I had one mission in mind—to help overcome climate change,” says Tremblay“Over the last 14 years, FLO has increased access to reliable EV charging infrastructure across North America, helping to achieve our long-term goals of providing EV drivers the best charging experience and curbing emissions through accelerated EV adoption. As the only EV charging company on the shortlist for the Innovation category, we are thrilled to be included with such an impressive group of finalists.”

FLO now has three production facilities in Canada and the U.S.  The company enables more than one million charging events each month and maintains an uptime of more than 98 percent. With an overarching mission to help overcome climate change and accelerate EV adoption, FLO is now expanding further throughout North America.

Winners for both awards will be announced October 19th, 2023. For more on FLO’s products and mission, visit flo.com.

BasBlue Reopens Zero-to-one Fellowship Applications After Successful First Cohort

BasBlue in Detroit, a nonprofit that helps find pathways for women and non-binary individuals by fostering connections and discovery through a diverse and inclusive community, is once again taking applications for it for the Zero-to-One Entrepreneurial Fellowship.

The six-month program provides mentorship, coaching, financial planning, networking, and capital support to assist women entrepreneurs across southeast Michigan grow their businesses.

“BasBlue’s core values of uplifting women and non-binary individuals and amplifying opportunities for them to succeed are woven into every aspect of the Zero-to-One Fellowship,” says Nancy Tellem, co-founder of BasBlue. “We’re committed to giving our fellows the tools and resources they need to overcome barriers and identify a clear path for growth and success.”

The Zero-to-One Fellowship aims to level the playing field by empowering historically underrepresented and under-resourced women and non-binary founders. To be accepted in the program, applicants must provide information about their business, what they hope to gain from the program and overall goals for their small businesses.

“Empowering women goes beyond offering a seat at the table; it means creating a space where the profound impact of women’s voices, perspectives and contributions are at the forefront of conversations,” says Natacha Hildebrand, co-founder of BasBlue. “The Zero-to-One Fellowship helps fellows pave the way for a future where every woman stands tall and confidently leads with strength and grace.”

Several mentors will participate in the fellowship to guide the entrepreneurs throughout their time in the program. Entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in applying for the Zero-to-One Fellowship are encouraged to attend one of three informational sessions. Applicants will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from fellows from the previous cohort. Informational sessions include:

  • Sept. 7 – Info session 1- In person at BasBlue’s building, 110 E Ferry Street, Detroit.
  • Sept. 14 – Info session 2 – Virtual

BasBlue recently wrapped up its successful inaugural Zero-to-One Fellowship that included businesses ranging from indigenous jewelry to a landscape and urban design planning design studio.

Every year, BasBlue hosts a Gala to raise funds to sustain programs like the Zero-to-One Entrepreneurial Fellowship. It and programs like it are a critical part of BasBlue’s efforts to close the funding gap for under-resourced entrepreneurs, small business owners and community changemakers. This year’s Gala is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 19. To purchase tickets, please visit www.basblueus.com/gala.

To learn more about BasBlue’s Zero-to-One Entrepreneurial Fellowship, please visit www.basblueus.com/fellowship.

Detroit Regional Chamber Joins Statewide Coalition Supporting Buy Michigan Legislation

The Detroit Regional Chamber is the latest organization to join a coalition of business, labor and local governments supporting Buy Michigan, legislation that would provide local businesses one more opportunity to offer a better deal for taxpayer-funded state contracts that would otherwise go to out-of-state vendors.

“Buy Michigan not only demonstrates a commitment to our state’s economic growth but also exemplifies a business-friendly approach that can lead to a stronger, more resilient economy. This legislation will help keep dollars and jobs in Michigan, creating a ripple effect that will positively impact our local communities,” says Brad Williams, vice president of government relations for the Detroit Regional Chamber. “We ask our representatives in the House and Senate to pass this legislation, so our businesses are better positioned for growth and success.”

S.B. 316 and S.B. 317, also known as Buy Michigan, would require the Michigan Department of

Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) to give Michigan-headquartered companies one last chance to make a better, final offer on state business where the current best bidder is an out-of-state company.

The legislation, sponsored by Sens. Kristen McDonald Rivet (D-Bay City) and John Damoose (R-Harbor Springs), is designed to keep more state tax dollars working to strengthen Michigan’s local economies and help to create more and better-paying jobs.

The Detroit Regional Chamber has joined several entities across the state supporting Buy Michigan, including  the Small Business Association of Michigan, AFSCME, Michigan Chamber, Lansing Regional Chamber, Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber, Detroit City Council, The

Commissions of Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, and Genesee County.

Members of this coalition all understand the net-positive impact passing this legislation would have on Michigan-headquartered companies as it would give them access to an additional seven-day window to resubmit a bid for a state contract if the lowest bidder on the contract is an out-of-state company.

If the Michigan-based company re-bids and that bid is lower than the out-of-state company’s original bid, then the Michigan company would be awarded the contract. While Buy Michigan gives Michigan-based businesses a crucial advantage, it still preserves the State of Michigan’s ability to choose the most qualified bidder, ensuring taxpayers get products and services at the best price.

In addition to McDonald Rivet and Damoose, Buy Michigan is co-sponsored by a group of Democratic and Republican state senators, including Sean McCann, Dayna Polehanki, Paul Wojno, Mary Cavanagh, Sam Singh, Mallory McMorrow, Rosemary Bayer, Stephanie Chang, Sue Shink, Sylvia A. Santana, Kevin Hertel, and Joseph N. Bellino Jr.

S.B. 316 and S.B. 317 have been referred to the Regulatory Affairs Committee for further consideration.