Cranbrook Institute of Science Debuts King Tutankhamun Exhibit


After a decade of collaboration between the Pharaonic Village in Giza, Egypt and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills will open its largest exhibit in years entitled: “Tutankhamun: “Wonderful Things” from the Pharaoh’s Tomb.”

The collection, which opens to the public on Friday, replicates the famous young pharaoh’s legendary treasures and recreates the rich archeological finds of his tomb. The traveling exhibit features 131 replicas of the pharaoh’s possessions and artifacts, including his state chariot, the iconic golden mummy case, funerary mask, and a bejeweled royal mummy. The exhibit will be open until September 3.

“Tutankhamun is among the highest quality exhibit we’ve ever had,” says Michael D. Stafford, director of the Cranbrook Institute of Science. “We’re delighted to offer visitors the closest possible encounter outside of Egypt with the fascinating history of Tutankhamun. These high-grade replicas are extremely detailed and are exact copies of the originals that will no longer be leaving Egypt.”

The exhibit originated at the International Museum Institute of New York. The Cranbrook Institute of Science installment is presented by PNC Bank, which operates a regional headquarters in Troy.

The exhibit is open during regular museum hours and is an additional cost ($8-$10) to general museum admission. More information on hours and pricing can be found here.

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