Cover Crop Ranch and Partners Present Meat and Soil Conference in Birmingham


Cover Crop Ranch, CenterSeeds, and Big Rock Restaurant are teaming up to present the 2017 Meat Conference at Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham on March 6 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. There will be a range of presentations focused on how better crops, meats, and clean run off water from farms is achieved through natural, chemical-free microbiology.

The conference is designed to inform chefs, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and food enthusiasts on how they can return integrity to the nation’s food supply. Keynote speakers will discuss innovative, natural methods to improve the quality of meat, how to market products, and what to look for as a consumer. There will also be topical information on the production of grass-forage meats and poultry.

The annual conference used to take place in a different part of Michigan every year, but is now in metro Detroit for good. Founded by Jeff Rasawehr, partner at Cover Crop Ranch and founding director of the Value Added Meat Conference, the conference aims to offer information for the continuing return of the nation’s food supply to a natural sustainable model and to educate restaurant owners, chefs, and the general public on Cover Crop meats.

“There is a rapidly growing number of people throughout the food industry and the general public who are interested in the all-natural, chemical free microbiology method of farming,” says Rasawehr. “It’s the key to better crops, better meats, and clean run off water from farms, and isn’t so expensive as to be out of reach for all farmers in the United States.”

Rasawehr has been a national speaker on meats and farming for over five years and has traveled across North America educating crop and animal farmers on raising better crops and meat through effective soil management and utilizing the right seeds and cover crops.

There are 200 seats available for the conference, and pre-registration tickets are available for $100. More information can be found by contacting Rasawehr at

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