Corktown’s Detroit Barbers Opens Coffee Bar on Upper Level


Owners of Detroit Barbers Barbershop and Brand, Chad and Jamie Buchanan, have expanded their Corktown location to include an independent coffee bar, Lucky Detroit, on the shop’s second level.

Now open, Lucky Detroit offers custom beverages including espressos, lattes, pour-overs, mochas, chai, and specialty offerings made with handcrafted syrups and local ingredients.

Patrick McDermott will serve as Lucky Detroit’s general manager after joining the staff at Detroit Barbers with 10 years of experience working in independent coffee shops. McDermott created the shop’s menu using Populace Coffee, a Bay City-based roaster, and locally-made tea by Dearborn’s Retea.

Custom drinks and hand-crafted sodas will be added in the coming weeks. The menu will offer traditional coffee styles, some of which are a “blend between unique and traditional.” The owners are also working on roasting their own blend of coffee.

“Come in and get something tried, tested, and refined, or order something you’ve never experienced before,” says McDermott.

The 2000 Michigan Ave. location (two blocks east of Michigan Central Depot) features reclaimed butcher-block wood furniture to create a four-stool coffee bar as a centerpiece, café tables and couches, and additional seating in the building’s private back patio and courtyard. The upper level will also feature a vintage shuffleboard bowling table.

The expansion of the Detroit location and the Ferndale location now offer clients additional barber stations upstairs. With the coffee expansion, Buchanan has added eight new barber stations to the Corktown location, doubling its capacity.

The black leather chairs were refurbished by Chad Buchanan, who revived decades-old chairs from the Metro Barber School to add to the shop’s antique décor.

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