Continental’s Digital Key Technology Opens and Closes Vehicle Doors Electronically   


Auburn Hills-based Continental, an automotive manufacturing company, has developed a SmartAccess car feature which allows a user to access their vehicle with a personal smartphone. The new technology includes an independently working car door controlled by a digital key.

The digital key can also access and unlock the vehicle even when the battery is dead, using buffered energy from the door control unit. Additionally, the door becomes hands free, meaning that it opens and closes electronically.

“The intelligent door is a milestone in access technology. For the first time, we can offer users a complete package for hands-free and digital operation, from unlocking the car and opening the door to starting the engine,” says Michael Crane, head of body and security for Continental in North America. “With it, we are enabling an even more convenient and secure driving experience for drivers and offering more design freedom to manufacturers.”

The emergency unlocking system is activated through near field communication technology and Bluetooth low energy, which transmits the signal after a security check. After the system issues authorization, the door will unlock and the engine will start.