Construction Begins on Six-hole Golf Course Near Grand Rapids


Construction is underway on a six-hole, par three golf course at the Scott Lake Golf and Practice Center, located just north of Grand Rapids. The course is expected to open late next summer.

Jeff Hoag, co-owner of Scott Lake, says the course will look and play like the existing 27 holes at the facility. Each hole will range from 120 to 220 yards in length, with multiple tee options.

Hoag says the idea for the six-hole course developed after starting a “Sangria League,” in which golfers play five holes and then come in to share a pitcher of sangria.

“We realized if we put in a few more holes, we might be able to transition this kind of league and some others to a short course and develop more opportunities for golfers who don’t necessarily have the time for nine holes,” Hoag says.

“We also wanted to address those who might not have the ability for whatever reason to play the bigger golf course, as well as give what we call the disaffected golfers who have left the game for whatever reasons another entry point to get back in.”

Hoag says three holes, which are now a part of the practice center, will be incorporated into the new course. He says he’s consulted with golf course architect Jeff Gorney, who designed the third set of nine holes at Scott Lake and the practice center.

“The infrastructure, the irrigation, (and) the room for the holes is there,” he says.

He adds the practice center and the existing golf course will not be affected by the construction.