Commerce Township Startup Launches Portable Cosmetics Holder


In an effort to make makeovers on the go more convenient, a Commerce Township-based sales executive and designer has launched the Make-Cup, a cosmetics containment system that features a portable design.

The shape of the Make-Cup is similar to a travel mug. Unlike a traditional makeup bag, the containment system features a double wall construction, which provides thermal properties to protect against heat. The top portion, meanwhile, is magnetic and can fit cosmetic refills, while its body area can contain a variety of cosmetics and brushes.

In turn, a removable bottom piece can be used to store smaller items such as jewelry or vitamins.

“(Make-Cup) solves a lot of problems on how to carry, contain, and care for your cosmetics,” says Christina Bellas, president and CEO of Make-Cup. “I was in sales for 25 years… Whether I was traveling by plane, train, automobile, whatever, one of the biggest things was: ‘How do I contain all the makeup that I want to carry with me on the go?”

Along with her frustrations with makeup storage, Bellas says the growing trend of cosmetic refills — individual portions of products that can be added to a blank palette — also played a role in the design of Make-Cup. She says refills, like Make-Cup, are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional cosmetics packaging, which isn’t often reusable.

“What’s driving (the refills) trend is all of this awareness, mostly driven by Millenials, because Millenials don’t really buy like other generations,” she says. “You can’t just have a good product, you have to be doing good things. Coincidentally, that coincides with our business plan.”

Bellas is working with metro Detroit-based contract manufactures in Wixom, Lansing, Madison Heights, and Shelby Township to bring the product to market. To help grow the company, Make-Cup received $25,000 from the Macomb Community College Innovation Fund earlier this year.

Make-Cup is available online for $60. Around the holidays, Bellas says the product will also be available in small, local retailers and pop-up shops.

Next year, she plans to start making presentations to buyers and investors that could range from Shark Tank, QVC, HSN, Sephora, and Ulta. A men’s grooming line and a cosmetics collection are also in the works.

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