Comedy Central to Film New Series ‘Detroiters’ in Detroit


Comedy Central has announced it will film its upcoming comedy series Detroiters throughout the city of Detroit. The series, which stars metro Detroit-natives Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson, follows two advertising men who produce low-budget commercials but have bigger dreams.

“Ultimately, we made a talent-driven, business, and creative decision,” says Mara Waldman, vice president of production at Comedy Central. “We had such a positive experience when we filmed (the pilot) here in June, and fell in love with the city’s iconic locations.”

Waldman says Detroit was chosen as the filming location because of Richardson (HBO’s Veep) and Robinson’s (Saturday Night Live writer) connections to the area. Richardson grew up in Detroit, while Robinson grew up in Clarkston. She says Detroit was also selected because it plays a major role in the series and it has a strong local production community.

The series, produced by Lorne Michaels’ (creator of Saturday Night Live) Broadway Video and Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live and Horrible Bosses), will begin filming in the summer.

Detroiters received an incentive from the state of Michigan to film its pilot in Detroit last summer. Since the elimination of the incentive program, the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office now works with municipalities across Michigan to attract production companies and film projects like it did with Detroiters

“We felt strongly a production that bears the city’s name must be filmed in Detroit,” says Jenell Leonard, commissioner of the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, formerly called the Michigan Film Office. “Of course, we know that because of increasing technology, productions can be made anywhere. But in the end, that Detroiters will be filmed (here) speaks to the tenacity and spirit of Detroit.”

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