Comcast Launches DVR with Cloud Technology in Michigan


Comcast X1 customers across Michigan can now download programs they have recorded on their DVR to watch on IP-enabled devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, or stream them using an internet connection.

The new service, called X1 DVR with Cloud Technology, also provides customers access to their entire TV channel lineup on any connected screen in their home.

“There’s been a significant shift in how people are consuming their favorite programming,” says Tim Collins, senior vice president of Comcast’s Heartland region, which includes Michigan. “Consumers want flexibility to watch TV shows and movies anywhere, anytime, and on any device.”

To deliver the new features to customers, Comcast has launched an Xfinity TV app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, and a dedicated portal for viewing on computers.

To live stream their TV lineups or watch DVR and On Demand programming while on tablets or smartphones, customers can download the Xfinity TV app from the App Store, open the app, and sign-in with their Xfinity TV credentials. There is no additional charge for the service.

The company’s X1 customers get 500 Gigabytes of storage and have the ability to record up to six shows at once. Existing customers on the company’s legacy TV platform can upgrade to the X1 Entertainment Operating System to use the X1 DVR with Cloud Technology.