Chicago-based AHEAD Opens Research Center in Ann Arbor


Chicago technology company AHEAD, a provider of enterprise cloud solutions, today announced the opening of a research and development lab in Ann Arbor. The Cloud Innovation Center will serve as a hub for research on emerging cloud technologies, as well as a collaborative space for AHEAD professionals.

“Ann Arbor has always been a great location for our teams who serve the Michigan region,” says Eric Kaplan, AHEAD’s CTO. “But with the burgeoning tech startup scene in Ann Arbor, thanks to it being home to a renowned research university, the time is right to establish one of our AHEAD Labs here.”

The Cloud Innovation Center is AHEAD’s third facility, accompanying two other Chicago labs. In addition to having a research and development mandate, AHEAD labs operate as briefing centers, engaging approximately 600 client professionals annually across a portfolio of more than 50 enterprise cloud topics.

The Cloud Innovation Center will specialize in researching the technologies and practices required to evolve enterprises from their foundational use of the cloud to a more advanced, enterprise-scale model that incorporates automation, orchestration, and development operations.

“Whether they’re focused on the public cloud or just optimizing workloads in their own data centers, technology leaders seek the same attributes of speed, elasticity, and scalability,” says Kaplan. “At the same time, they need proper security, visibility, and governance. This lab will help clients with those balancing acts at all stages of the cloud journey.”

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