Charlotte’s Spartan Motors Unveils Refrigerated Ford Transit Cargo Van


Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services, a business unit of Charlotte, Mich.’s Spartan Motors Inc., has introduced a refrigerated Ford Transit Cargo Van.

The van is upfitted in conjunction with Delivery Concepts Inc. and preserves cold cargo while offering customizations such as removable bulkheads and optional thermal curtains.

“We’re committed to understanding our customer’s unique needs and delivery challenges. Showcasing industry-leading refrigeration technology demonstrates our ability to apply the latest technical advancements with our unique understanding of last-mile delivery optimization,” says Chad Heminover, president of Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services.

“It’s a multi-temperature solution that requires no additional fuel source, so it can serve a wide variety of categories — from food and grocery to time- and temperature-sensitive health-care deliveries.”

The van was introduced at the 2019 MY Ford Fleet Preview June 12-15 in Washington, D.C., which welcomed 600 of the nation’s largest fleet customers.

“Our Work-Driven Design process was developed to uncover specific customer needs and business challenges, then blend a best-practices approach as to how to solve them. I’m proud that we were able to showcase this impressive unit at the Ford Fleet Preview,” says Heminover.

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