Celsee Diagnostics Enters Collaboration to Test Tumor Cells


Plymouth Township-based Celsee Diagnostics, a developer of systems for single cell analysis, has entered into a partnership to determine the technical ability of its products to use circulating tumor cells, which enable the growth of additional tumors in cancer patients, as bio specimen for mutation analysis.

Through the partnership, Genewiz, a South Planfield, N.J.-based genomics company, will test the circulating tumor cell technology of the Celsee PREP100, an automated testing platform designed by Celsee for cancer research environments.

“Retrieval and genomic analysis of (circulating tumor cells) by using the Celsee PREP100 platform is of extreme interest to our customers,” says Yixin Wang, chief scientific officer of Celsee Diagnostics. “The most efficient way to demonstrate this capability is to partner with a leader in the space of genome research.”

The tests will determine the ability of the Celsee PREP100 to identify mutations in cancer cell lines and clinical blood specimens.

Genewiz will also assess DNA viability from circulating tumor cells and measure cancer-specific DNA mutations in isolated circulating tumor cells.