CarbonTV in Bingham Farms Debuts Sleep, Meditation App

An online video platform for outdoor themed shows in Bingham Farms has developed a sleep and meditation app that draws from the soothing sounds of nature.
Carbon Unwind app screenshots
The Carbon Unwind app offers sleep help for adults and children as well as guided meditation. // Photo courtesy of the App Store

An online video platform for outdoor themed shows in Bingham Farms has developed a sleep and meditation app that draws from the soothing sounds of nature.

The app, Carbon Unwind, was developed by CarbonTV. The company states the app uses the healing power of nature through storytelling, outdoor noises, guided meditation, and more.

“Our team at CarbonTV has been working on this for the past year, enlisting the help of some inspirational storytellers and talented guided meditation experts,” says Julie McQueen, president of CarbonTV and founder of Unwind. “While our free streaming content on CarbonTV will get you excited about the outdoor content, Unwind will bring mindfulness and relaxation, and better sleep cycles, into your life through nature and the outdoors.”

The app is designed for people who love the outdoors and those who are interested in health and wellness. It features storytellers, many of whom are experts in their respective fields, including McQueen; Jana Waller, TV host of “Skull Bound Chronicles;” Robbie Kroger, founder of Blood Origins, a conservation and hunting nonprofit; Laura Zerra, survivalist, documentarian, and star of TV show “Naked and Afraid;” Tiffany Lakosky, co-host of Crush, an outdoor industry brand, and Carbon Media Group founder; and David Farbman, author of “The Hunt: Target, Track, and Attain Your Goals.”

Carbon Unwind also will feature a section for kids, allowing parents to play sleep stories designed to encourage mindfulness and adventure.

Guided meditations and visualizations will be added to the platform a few times a week. They will be geared toward topics such as mindfulness, gratitude, and nature to facilitate a more peaceful state of mind. A section of Carbon Unwind will be dedicated to travel-related meditation and relaxation techniques.

Research published in ScienceDaily shows that sounds of nature, even artificial ones, can help people relax, and could be especially helpful for those with high levels of stress. According to a study by the Sleep Research Society, nearly one-third of Americans get fewer than six hours of sleep per night.

Seven hours is recommended for adults and is optimal for boosting overall health and mood. Research shows that stress and the lack of sleep or poor quality sleep increase the risks of health problems such as high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Available on Apple iOS and coming soon for Android users, Carbon Unwind offers a free trial and premium subscription upgrade options. A 12-month introductory subscription price is $59.99. The subscription unlocks additional guided meditation, weekly sleep story additions, special guest storytellers, acoustic music, and nature soundscapes as they are added.

The app is available for download on Apple products here.