Canadian Auto Dealership Advisers Open U.S. Office in Grosse Pointe, Looks to Move to Detroit


Dealer Solutions North America, a Canadian company that specializes in advising on and providing strategies for buying and selling automotive dealerships, Monday announced its expansion into the U.S. with the opening of an office in Grosse Pointe. As the company grows, the team is looking to move to Detroit.

The expansion comes after a two-year study, with the first new office opening in late 2017, and dealership listings in the same period.

The company provides step-by-step guidance and support to acquiring or selling a car dealership, offering a proprietary appraisal system. Dealer Solutions has advised on the successful closing of more than 160 dealerships amounting ot more than $3 billion in value, with nearly 50 transactions pending. Within the last six years, the company, which is headquartered in Toronto, became Canada’s largest retail automotive mergers and acquisitions consulting firm.

“Our Canadian-U.S. group is diversified, and we are on course for continued growth, which combined with our proprietary process and ability to seamlessly bring buyers and sellers together, allows us to provide more value to clients in both countries,” says Farid Ahmad, CEO. “Our team of merger and acquisition experts collectively hold more than 30 decades of combined experience in the automotive industry, and we’re thrilled to be in the U.S. market.”

Russell Hill is leading the U.S. offices as COO. He previously led sales and dealer operations for Audi of America, oversaw a network of dealers for Penske Automotive Group, and was vice president of operations or Penske. He has most recently launched several successful auto-industry businesses and consultancies.

“We are exclusively dedicated to assisting dealers and investors interested in making the most out of today’s robust market, which is poised for a dramatic valuation shift,” says Hill. “Tax reforms, favorable banking, and continued investment by both OEMs and high-tech firms are attracting a new level of domestic and international interest. We expect these factors will continue to fuel increased demand for dealerships among well-funded investors.”

Ahmad founded Dealer Solutions North American in 2012. He is a career car professional with experience in retail, brand, and real estate in Europe and North America.

Dealer Solutions also has offices in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut.

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