California’s Westlake Financial Services Lists Vehicles on Detroit’s Ally’s SmartAuction


Ally Financial in Detroit today announced an agreement with Westlake Financial Services, a privately held finance company based in Los Angeles, to list vehicles for sale on SmartAuction, Ally’s wholesale auto auction platform.

SmartAuction is an online dealer auction that offers access to an inventory of wholesale vehicles to eligible dealers of all brands. There are more than 25,000 vehicles available daily. All purchases through SmartAuction are backed by a comprehensive arbitration policy.

“We are excited to team with Westlake, a growing national leader in the automotive industry, to be part of its remarketing strategy,” says Steve Kapusta, vice president of specialized asset management for Ally. “We look forward to putting the value of SmartAuction and our digital remarketing support to work for Westlake by providing greater reach and convenience for their vehicles in the wholesale marketplace.”

Westlake will list vehicles from a variety of brands on SmartAuction. The vehicles became available to dealers registered on SmartAuction beginning May 1.

“This relationship with Ally Financial will provide a new digital access point to buyers as we see the remarketing industry become more visible online via auto auctions,” says Ian Anderson, group president of Westlake Holdings. “Our commitment is to continue to enhance our operational efficiency while connecting with our customers’ vehicle-buying experience.”

Ally is a digital financial services company (formerly GMAC). Westlake Financial Holdings is an auto and finance technology company.