Café Spice, Purveyor of Foods From India, Debut in Meijer Supermarkets


Founded in 2003 by restaurateur Sushil Malhotra and his son, Sameer, Café Spice today announced their products are now available at Meijer Supermarkets throughout the Midwest. The Malhotras and culinary director Hari Nayak, chef and cookbook author, say they saw growing demand for authentic and fresh Indian cuisine in the Detroit area.

Cafe Spice’s prepared products will specialize in restaurant-quality meals that feature all natural, antibiotic free chicken, and vegetarian options. Additionally, most of the brand will be gluten free, with many vegan options available.

“Meijer is making a strong initiative into natural and ethnic foods. They found Café Spice and felt it fits their new, fresh program that they are launching,” says Sameer Malhotra, president of Cafe Spice.

“Cafe Spice is always a go to for professionals and students who (moved to Michigan from India) and miss flavors from home but don’t have time to cook. Cafe Spice products also appeal to anyone of any background looking for an authentic Indian meal. Our roots are in fine dining restaurants, making Cafe Spice a great replacement to take out.”

Meijer will carry a variety of Cafe Spice’s meals including Vegetable Korma with Saffron Rice (mixed vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce and cream), Chicken Tikka Masala with Saffron Rice (tandoori style baked chicken in a spiced tomato sauce with cream), Chicken Vindaloo with Lemon Rice (chicken and potatoes in a tangy curry sauce), and Chicken Curry with Lemon Rice (chicken in a spiced onion sauce).

Cafe Spice grab and go meals will consist of fresh ingredients including freshly ground spices, rBST-free milk, and non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil. The brand works to offer easily accessible, authentic, and quality Indian food to the market.

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