C/D/H Continues to Grow, Merges with Blue Sphere Solutions


Grand Rapids-based technology consulting firm C/D/H has merged with Blue Sphere Solutions, a software development firm also based in Grand Rapids.

“C/D/H is evolving and growing as much more of a solution-oriented firm,” says Jim Brown, a partner at the firm who joined through C/D/H’s merger with Coil Group in June. “We are focused on bringing useable solutions to end users so that they can get work done more efficiently (while also bringing) a certain amount of joy to what they do.”

With the acquisition, C/D/H gains a portfolio of software products and an established software development team to its SharePoint, application development, cloud, and infrastructure consulting services.

Brown adds that the company, which relocated its Royal Oak office to downtown Detroit last March, plans to hire at least 11 more employees in the next year.

“We’re focused on finding those folks that have a creative mind but also know how to think like a business person about what employees need — what a business needs — to drive real productivity and competitive advantage,” he says. “We’re looking for smart, creative people who can be a part of this transformation as we move from infrastructure and back-office technology consulting to more of the front-office solutions consulting.”

In addition to the merger, the company has named Mark Becker and Susan Cotts, both existing partners at the firm, director of consulting services and managing partner, respectively. Chris Hashley, the owner of Blue Sphere Solutions, is now partner and director of software development for C/D/H.

The leadership changes, says Brown, have brought about some significant changes in the vision of the company going forward. “We are going through a pretty significant internal transformation around how we serve our clients and how we deliver our services. We are leveraging years of best practices but refining them to really crystallize around being a user-centric technology solutions company,” he says.