Brazen Sports Signs Multi-Year Partnership With U.S. Practical Shooting Association


Detroit-based Brazen Sports today announced a multi-year partnership with the United States Practice Shooting Association (USPSA) during the 146th national meeting of the National Rifle Association. As part of the partnership, Brazen Sports will be the official timepiece as well as a national sponsor.

Additionally, Brazen Sports, USPSA, and USA Shooting are launching the Brazen Sports Gives Back program, which offers consumers the option to directly donate $5 for each timepiece purchased as well as Brazen Sports’ commitment to donate $100 towards shooting programs in the name of each member of the respective organizations that buy a timepiece.

Known for their collection of crafted Swiss-made timepieces, Brazen Sports has most recently partnered with shooting athletes Max Michel, Jr., JJ Racaza, Shane Coley, and David Radulovich. The patented design of the watches is inspired from the case of a spent ammunition cartridge by capturing the contours of a cartridge and ejector rim.

“I am very excited for USPSA to partner with Brazen and bring a non-traditional sponsor into the firearms community,” says Jake Martens, director of media and events for USPSA. “The Brazen brand and motto “Be Brazen” fits perfectly with the USPSA competitor.”

As a non-traditional sponsor in the firearms community, Brazen Sports aims to highlight the competitive spirit within the sport and draw other non-traditional sponsors to the shooting community.

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