Boyne Mountain, Highlands’ Golf Courses Add New GolfBoards, Carts With USB Ports


Golf courses at Northern Michigan’s Boyne Highlands Resort will now feature GolfBoards, a four-wheel standing drive board, similar to a skateboard. New classes will also be offered at Boyne’s golf academy, along with the addition of new golf carts equipped with USB ports at Boyne Mountain.

Bernie Friedrich, senior vice president of golf and resort sales at Boyne Resorts, which includes Boyne Highlands, Boyne Mountain, and the Inn at Bay Harbor, among others, says golfers at the Donald Ross Memorial Golf Course and The Moor, both at Boyne Highlands, will have the option to use a drive board, a motorized board in which riders use their body weight to steer the board.

He says Boyne Resorts will also introduce 140 new golf carts at Boyne Highlands and Boyne Mountain golf courses that have a USB port to charge cellphones, rangefinders, and iPads.

“We strive to balance a deep appreciation for our heritage and the game’s traditions with the realities of 21st century life,” Friedrich says. “The Boyne Golf calling card is delivering a golf experience that’s enjoyable for players of all skill levels and sensibilities.”

The Boyne Golf Academy in Harbor Springs will add a power clinic to its offerings, focusing on techniques to hit the ball further off the tee. The one-day sessions are capped at a four to one instructor/student ratio and cost $800 per person.

Boyne Highlands and the Inn at Bay Harbor offer four courses each, while Boyne Mountain offers two. ​