Bosch in Farmington Hills Testing Intelligent Mobile Technology to Prevent Auto Accidents


Bosch, a global technology company with three locations in metro Detroit including a large R&D campus in Farmington Hills, today announced it is testing a new process that aims to lower automotive accident rates by using cellular telephone technology.

The company, which has its world headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, is field-testing the new process on the A9 freeway near Allershausen, Germany.

Along with telecommunications companies, Vodafone and Huawei, Bosch has developed new mobile communication technology that enables the direct, instantaneous exchange of information between vehicles.
Connected cars can transmit information about things like speed, position, and upcoming lane changes to all vehicles within a 1,000-foot radius.

The technology essentially allows the vehicles to “talk” to each other instantly. It’s hoped that this fast and direct communication will optimize the flow of traffic and reduce accident rates.

Vodafone is installing a powerful cellular network on the A9 freeway for data transmission, while Huawei is building the mobile phone modules for the cars and installing communications technology at the base stations.

Bosch’s role is to integrate the mobile phone modules and corresponding software into the vehicles and take measurements on site.

“This is a very new and exciting project,” says Annett Fischer, a Bosch Mobility Solutions spokesperson. “We are working with our partners to lay the groundwork for technology that will be extremely important as we continue to move toward the age of autonomous vehicles.”

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