BorgWarner Develops Key Technology for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


Auburn Hills-based automotive supplier BorgWarner today announced the development of a high-voltage temperature coefficient (PTC) cabin heater as a waste heat independent heating solution for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The lightweight solution provides rapid and silent warming of the vehicle cabin and quick defrosting of the windshield while delivering a smooth air stream. The component’s design includes several prominent safety features to ensure reliable operation under temperature conditions found in the vehicle.

“Heating up the cabin can be challenging if the waste heat available is limited. This is where our high-voltage cabin heater comes in. Specifically engineered to help automakers worldwide reach their objectives, our efficient heating technology provides them with an ideal solution for a safe, comfortable and odor-free cabin environment,” says Joe Fadool, president and general manager of BorgWarner Emissions and Thermal Systems.

As part of the HVAC system, which is controlled through a high-speed controller area network (CAN) interface, the PTC cabin heater is engineered to increase the temperature of the air stream coming from the blower. It also features ceramic PTC components that have low electrical resistance at low temperatures, allowing full current flow and high heat delivery.

At high temperatures, the effect is reversed and less heat is released by shutting down the electricity flow due to the increased resistance of the ceramic stones. Additional safety features include an enclosed heater rod for maximum protection against high voltages. Coupled with the enclosed heater rod, the air heater’s fan design facilitates a low pressure drop, enabling the blower to run at lower speeds, which reduces air velocity and noise for the occupants.

BorgWarner’s PTC cabin heater is part of the company’s broad range of products for electrically driven vehicles. Covering four of the five main technology segments for electric propulsion – electric motors, transmissions, power electronics, and thermal management – BorgWarner supports several leading automakers with products such as the electric drive module and its high voltage hairpin electric motors.

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