BOOK By Cadillac Subscription Application Model Expands to Dallas, Los Angeles


Following a January launch in the New York metro area, BOOK by Cadillac, an application subscription service that allows users to request and swap up to 18 vehicles per year based on their needs and preferences, is expanding its service to Dallas and Los Angeles.

“Since BOOK by Cadillac was first introduced, we’ve seen widespread enthusiasm and demand from consumers who are seeking ways to complement traditional methods of buying or leasing a vehicle,” says Melody Lee, global director of BOOK by Cadillac.

“BOOK by Cadillac has introduced entirely new customers to the brand and has been fully embraced by younger audiences as an innovative service that meets their ever-changing needs. Introducing the service in Los Angeles and Dallas is a natural evolution of the program.”

BOOK by Cadillac members in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles will have access to a curated lineup of vehicles, including the CT6 Plug-In, ATS-V, CTS-V, XT5, and Escalade. The CT6 also features Super Cruise, a new hands-free driving system for the highway.

Book by Cadillac users can exchange up to 18 vehicles per year for a flat monthly fee of $1,800 and a one-time initiation fee of $500. Registration, taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs are included in the monthly fee.

Users can select a vehicle to be delivered at a location of their choosing, such as a home or an office. Membership is month-to-month and more information can be found here.

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