Bloomfield Hills’ Openlogix Corp. Partners with California Firm to Advance Cybersecurity

Bloomfield Hills’ Openlogix Corp. is partnering with California’s LMNTRIX to increase its cybersecurity offerings. // Image Courtesy of LMNTRIX

Openlogix Corp., a Bloomfield Hills-based value-added reseller and technology services provider, has announced a partnership with LMNTRIX, a California-based fully managed security analyst-delivered platform that continuously defends organizations against cyberattacks.

Openlogix aligned with channel partners including Arista, Igneous, INFINIDAT, Mimecast, MuleSoft, and Veeam, as well as LMNTRIX, in 2018 to meet clients’ network and data safety, speed, growth, innovation, and digital transformation goals.

“There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cybersecurity services out there, so it is exceedingly difficult to cut through the noise and find the right partner. We have heard many security service providers tell a similar story,” says Mark Sabbagh, technology sales adviser at Openlogix. “However, LMNTRIX stands out from the rest with their integrated and multi-vector approach to cybersecurity, which uses a combination of advanced network and endpoint threat detection, deceptions, analytics, and threat intelligence, all of which is complemented with proactive threat hunting and response. This is a distinctly different methodology to cybersecurity which proactively seeks out the threats, validates the incident, and responds.”

Openlogix will be an authorized reseller of the LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response platform as part of the partnership and will work with the LMNTRIX team to expand its own cybersecurity offerings.

“What sets Openlogix apart is their understanding of and commitment to the customer,” says Hamlet Khodaverdian, vice president of Americas for LMNTRIX. “They understand that cybersecurity is a part of an enterprise risk management framework and can be a driver of significant risks, such as reputational, operational, regulatory, and legal …

“They know that threat actors never stop, and customers require continuous response and not incident response. Organizations need to assume they are compromised and that failing to respond quickly when an adversary gains an initial foothold inside an organization can be costly. This involves not only focusing on breach prevention, but at least equally on detection and response.”

The LMNTRIX platform was built by reverse engineering thousands of data breaches.