Bloomfield Hills-Based Website Makes Coupon Clipping Easier


tCoupon clipping just got easier thanks to a website recently launched by That’s Biz in Bloomfield Hills. Called FansRave, the site allows users to bookmark and save coupons using a format similar to the popular Pinterest.

t“The big problem with online and digital coupons is where to save them to make it easy to retrieve the coupon later when you need (them),” says Dave Gonynor, CEO of FansRave. “Printing every online restaurant and retail deal (a customer sees) and then filing it in their coupon organizing binder is time consuming and costly.”

tWith FansRave, users can bookmark, save, and organize coupons they find online in personal folders. Consumers also can search the website for coupons that have been saved by others by searching by a business name or a category. 

tUnlike Pinterest, coupons uploaded to the FansRave site that have an expiration date will disappear once they are no longer valid. Also, the site does not require a person to post a photo with the coupon. Instead, a user can opt to use the site’s default graphics that says, “I like this deal.”

tFansRave isn’t just for consumers. Gonyor says it provides restaurants and retailers with low cost ways to promote their businesses. Currently, there is no cost for a business to join the site, but Gonyor says that will likely change. “It will always be free for personal users, but where the site will be paid for is through businesses,” Gonyor says.

tThe company is currently working on an application, expected to launch within the next few weeks, which will allow businesses to take a photo of a closed-out item or another product and post it to a folder on the website. “A lot of times, businesses will have a product they have to move, but they can’t do it until they get people in the door. (This application) will help bring people to the door,” he says.

tThe website features hundreds of national and regional deals, but the site especially encourages the sharing of local deals. “The biggest frustrations consumers have with deal sites is what we were refer to as relevance. Too many times, the deals are not close enough (to the consumer),” he says.

tBut on FansRave, if people join together and post local deals to a board dedicated to a specific neighborhood or city, “that’s when it becomes relevant,” Gonyor says.