Bissell Introduces BarkBath Dog Washing System


Bissell, a Grand Rapids-based cleaning and floor care solutions company, has created the BarkBath, an all-in-one system for pet washing.

The BarkBath is a portable bath system that works on any length of fur or hair to allow water and shampoo to wash a dog’s skin, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank.

The BarkBath uses less than 48 ounces of water to clean pets up to 80 pounds, as opposed to a traditional bath tub, which can use up to 19 gallons of water. The BarkBath comes with no-rinse shampoo tested specifically for the system, a microfiber drying towel to minimize post-bath shakes, and a storage bag to give pets a full grooming experience at home.

“We’re always simplifying and improving cleaning at Bissell, whether that’s cleaning your home, your carpet, or now, your adorable mess-makers,” says Chuck Martin, general manager of Bissell business ventures. “It was a natural evolution for Bissell to introduce the BarkBath to make cleaning pets faster and easier than ever before.”

The BarkBath is available here and retails for $149.99.