Bingham Farms' CarbonTV Creates Family Farming Documentary Series


Bingham Farms-based CarbonTV, a producer of rural lifestyle videos and television shows, has launched a new documentary series called American Harvest. The show is focused on a family-owned harvesting operation.

"We were able to produce a…series that provides an authentic glimpse into modern American farming practices," says Daniel Seliger, executive vice president of content and marketing at CarbonTV.

Seliger says the series follows Lance and Shawn Johnson, brothers and co-owners of Johnson Harvesting Inc. in Minnesota.

"Viewers will gain unique perspective surrounding the intricate system that ultimately feeds the world," Seliger says.

He says American Harvest airs on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on RFD-TV and is available on demand and for free at

American Harvest is just one of seven new series launched by CarbonTV this year. Other shows include American Elements, a documentary series on individuals who have made an impact on American culture; Carbon Culture, a series of short documentaries about subcultures in the rural lifestyle; Carbon Comedy  — Drunken Trivia, a series starring two comedians putting their outdoor knowledge to the test; Carbon Comedy — Wild Eats, a series where blindfolded taste testers guess what they're eating; and Into the Extreme, a documentary series about three adventures, including a buffalo hunt in the western United States and a shark hunt in the Pacific Ocean.

Carbon Media Group, launched in 2007, has nine original programming series. ​