Benton Harbor’s Jenn-Air Debuts 5-Burner Glass Cooktop


Benton Harbor-based Jenn-Air today introduced a new five-burner glass cooktop that has a glossy black surface and stainless steel knobs.

"Sculpted stainless steel knobs, high performance aluminum burners, and heavy duty black matte grates combine with the glossy black glass surface of this cooktop to make a dramatic design statement," says Brian Maynard, marketing director of Jenn-Air.

Maynard says the cooktop, which offers a combined 57,000 BTUs, offers a dual-stacked burner located at the center of the cooktop that has two levels of flames for quickly boiling water, pan searing, or stir-frying. He says additional burners on the oven include two 12,000 BTU burners and a 9,000 BTU burner.

Maynard says the cooktop also has a 6,000 BTU burner designed for heating small- to medium-sized cookware, and can be lowered to 825 BTU for low simmering. He says when used with the melt cap for shielding and diffusing the flame, the burner is suited for melting chocolate, butter, and other ingredients.

Available options include a flat bottom wok, wok ring, cooktop griddle, gas range connector kit, and a kit for optimizing performance at high altitudes. The cooktop is available in both 30-inch ($1,700) and 36-inch ($1,800) models.

Jenn-Air’s most recent product addition is a refrigerator with a charcoal-colored interior with LED lighting, unveiled in December. 

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