Beaumont Opens Heart Valve Clinic in Sterling Heights


Beaumont Health System has opened a second clinic dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of the most complex heart valve diseases in Sterling Heights.

“Opening another clinic will allow patients who live near Troy or Sterling Heights to more easily access the most advanced heart valve procedures,” says Dr. Phillip L. Kraft, chief of heart and vascular services at Beaumont Hospital in Troy. The first clinic is in Royal Oak on the campus of Beaumont Hospital.

The new office, located at 44250 Dequindre Rd., is staffed by nurse clinicians, cardiologists, and cardiac and vascular surgeons, will allow improved collaboration between a patient, cardiologist, and cardiac surgeon so that the optimal procedure can be recommended for each patient, Kraft says.

Treatment options available through the heart valve clinic include minimally invasive aortic valve surgery; advanced 3-D echocardiography imaging to provide doctors with precise diagnostic information; minimally invasive, catheter-based procedures for valve replacement or repair; and traditional valve surgery.