Beaumont Health Partners with UM-Dearborn to Develop Autism Center


Royal Oak-based Beaumont Health will collaborate with University of Michigan-Dearborn to bring advanced care for children with autism. The new center will include autism-focused cross-training programs, health care providers, and educators.

“This joint initiative between university student educators and health practitioners is an opportunity for students and patients to receive both medical and therapeutic autism treatment,” says Susan Youngs, medical director of the Beaumont Children’s Center for Exceptional Families.

Beaumont’s center will be the first in the area to offer clinical and educational autism diagnostic services, and various treatments including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, social work, and medical appointments with a physician.

Applied Behavior Analysis approaches to autism care will also be offered, which involves understanding behaviors and adjusting the individual’s environment to support appropriate social behaviors.

“ABA is tailor made to the individual patient,” says Jason Majchrzak, supervisor of the Autism Center and a board certified behavior analyst. “It’s a very personal therapeutic experience and it’s really derived from addressing the deficit the child has into meeting the goals of the parent and family so that their child can be successful.”

The center can accommodate up to 60 children, with all treatment spaces equipped with video and audio capabilities for clinicians, students, and parents to observe without interrupting the sessions.

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