Barista to Launch Detroit Mobile Coffee Shop in 1967 Scotty Trailer


Local entrepreneur Alleah Webb is restoring a blue-colored and chrome 1967 Scotty Trailer she hopes to use to travel around Detroit and sell coffee as part of her full-service mobile coffee shop.

“I’ve been a barista for about five years. I went to school for entrepreneurship and I worked at a coffee shop. That’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do,” Webb says.

Webb has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise about $10,000 to finance trailer supplies, coffee equipment, licenses, and inspections. The campaign ends April 25.

She hopes to bring her mobile shop — called Drifter Coffee — to festivals, farmers’ markets, and college campuses in cities such as Detroit, Ferndale, Ann Arbor, and Hamtramck, among others.

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