Back to Basics: Andiamo Rebrands, Launches New Menus


Andiamo Restaurant Group is renewing its concentration on the Andiamo brand and will launch new menus at each of its 10 restaurants during the first Andiamo Restaurant Week, which kicks off on Sunday.

As part of the rebranding, the restaurants in Grosse Pointe, Clarkston, and Novi will be branded as Andiamo Trattorias, which will provide more of a casual dining experience. The seven others will take on the Andiamo name as well (i.e., Andiamo Dearborn, Andiamo Warren, Andiamo Riverfront).

Vicari says Executive Chef Jim Oppat worked with each of the company’s chefs at the 10 restaurants to develop new dishes that will be unique to each establishment and reflect the preferences and diversity of the respective community. “There will still be signature Andiamo dishes on all menus, but the new items will be exclusive to each location allowing our diners to have a different experience at any Andiamo restaurant,” Vicari says.

Starting Sunday, as part of the inaugural Andiamo Restaurant Week, all newly introduced items will be provided at 25 percent off.

In related news, Peteet’s Famous Cheesecakes in Oak Park will make a specialty cheesecake paczki for Fat Tuesday, on March 4. The company sold about 300 dozen packzis last year, says owner Patrick Peteet. “We are anticipating to almost double that this year, so we’re actually starting to get things ready for the big day now,” he says. “It will be a lot of baking.”

To pre-order before March 1, call 248-545-2253. The paczki will also be available on a first-come, first-serve basis on March 4.