Automated Vehicles Get Approval to Test Drive on Michigan Roads


Driverless vehicles can now be tested on Michigan roadways thanks to legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. The legislation he says is key to the future of research and development of automotive technology in the state.

“Michigan is the automotive capital of the world,” Snyder says. “By allowing the testing of automated, driverless cars today, we will stay at the forefront in automotive technological advances that will make driving safer and more efficient in the future.”

The legislation allows the testing of automated motor vehicles in the state under the condition that a human sits in the driver’s seat to supervise and intervene if necessary.

A companion measure protects OEMs from civil liability for damages caused by modified autonomous vehicles, unless the damages were caused by a defect present when the vehicle was manufactured.

Google has been testing autonomous cars on public roads since 2010, mostly in California and Nevada, and always with someone in the driver’s seat.

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