Auto Suppliers Faurecia and ZF Enter Strategic Partnership


Global automotive suppliers ZF and Faurecia today announced a strategic partnership for the development of disruptive and differentiating interior and safety technologies for autonomous driving. The advanced engineering partnership allows ZF, which operates its North American headquarters in Northville Township, and Faurecia, which has its North American headquarters in Auburn Hills, to identify and develop safety and interior solutions linked to different potential occupant positions.

The collaboration will be based on shared expertise and competencies, but won’t involve a capital exchange.

“Together we will be stronger,” says Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF. “Vehicle electrification and autonomous driving need innovative active and passive safety technologies to become a success. As one of the global leaders in safety, ZF is committed to delivering integrated safety concepts together with our partner Faurecia.”

Faurecia’s CEO Patrick Koller adds that a strong customer intimacy and common vision will be key in ensuring the safety of vehicle occupants in various autonomous driving use cases.

“Our customers will benefit greatly from this partnership. Together, we can offer complete interior safety features to meet the future challenges which will allow the interior of the future to be safe, connected, versatile and predictive,” says Koller.

Both say flexible and comfortable interiors which still offer the highest active and passive safety will be the key drivers for the adoption of different interior configurations. Specifically, the seats will integrate a significant part of the safety devices, enabling them to swivel and recline, or allowing an efficient return to driving mode.

Depending on customer preferences, both companies will also continue to work independently on current and upcoming projects.

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