Auto Parts Manufacturer Faurecia Acquires Amminex to Accelerate Nitrogen Oxide Reduction for Vehicles


Auburn Hills-based automotive manufacturer Faurecia has purchased a 91.5 percent stake in Danish company Amminex Emissions Technology. The clean technology company developed an ammonia storage and delivery system, which can almost completely eliminate nitrogen oxide pollutants from diesel engines.

The Ammonia Storage and Delivery System is designed to replace conventional heavy tanks containing a diesel exhaust fluid with lighter, high-efficiency cartridges containing a solid material called AdAmmine, which was developed by Amminex. The system can function at lower exhaust temperatures, even in winter driving conditions.

“ASDS is a breakthrough technology for improving air quality, validated in real-driving conditions over millions of kilometers,” says Christophe Schmitt, the executive vice president of Faurcia. “I am delighted with this increased participation in Amminex as it will enable us to accelerate the deployment of this clean mobility solution for all types of vehicles.”

Faurecia has worked with Amminex since 2009, and previously owned 42 percent of the company. Faurecia’s increased involvement with the company will include the development of the technology for both commercial and passenger vehicles. The auto parts manufacturer will also investigate other forms of ASDS for off-road vehicles and high horsepower engines used on ships and vessels.

Founded in 1997, Faurecia is one of the world’s largest automotive equipment suppliers with a concentration in automotive seating, interior systems, and emissions control technologies.