Auburn Hills’ Benecke-Kaliko Improves Material Selections for Vehicle Interiors


Global automotive supplier Benecke-Kaliko, with its U.S. headquarters in Auburn Hills, has launched a new line of interior surface materials that offer automakers more design options. The new materials are up to 60 percent lighter than conventional offerings.

“The surface material features almost unlimited means of self-expression, and can be further enhanced (via) numerous functional enhancements of the product features,” says Dominik Beckman, global head of marketing at Hanover, Germany-based Benecke-Kaliko.

Beckman says the standard interior material, called Xpreshn and Xpreshn HD, are designed for instrument panels, door trims, and center consoles, among other decorative surfaces. The material is available in a “light” formula that offers vehicle manufacturers the ability to further reduce the weight of vehicles without accepting a lower quality of material.

He says the Xpreshn Lux version is up to 500 percent softer than Benecke-Kaliko’s standard material, while the Lux Protect version has a more improved surface scratch resistance.

The Benecke-Kaliko group is a division of Continental, an Auburn Hills-based automotive supplier and tire manufacturer.