Auburn Hills-based Continental Automates Electric Vehicle Charging, Creates Mobile Power Bank


Auburn Hills-based automotive supplier Continental will demonstrate two new battery charging systems to maximize the advantages of electric vehicles, including an automatic wireless charging system that transfers power inductively, next month (Jan. 9-12) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Continental’s wireless charging system means that drivers no longer have to grapple with a cable. The new system works when a vehicle is parked over a ground-based charging pad. Inductive charging involves transferring charging power wirelessly from the ground-based charging pad to a receiver pad on the underside of the vehicle, via Continental’s navigation system.

In the future, further advances in the field of semi-automated driving technology will make it possible to perform the task without any driver action.

Continental will also debuted the AllCharge system, which eliminates the need for drivers to find a compatible charging station. AllCharge technology can utilize any charging point, regardless of charging rate, type of current, or voltage level.

Flexible and efficient, AllCharge also allows electric vehicles to double as a mobile power bank capable of suppling AC power without the need for additional equipment. The vehicle also can be used to provide power for tailgating parties, construction sites, and more.

“Continental offers a … range of charging technologies,” says Brian McKay, director of powertrain technology and innovation for Continental North America. “The innovative technologies we are showcasing at CES will make charging an electric vehicle simpler, more convenient, and more efficient.

The inductive charging system is more than 90 percent efficient. The system provides approximately one mile of driving range for every 80 seconds of charging, and overall efficiency is expected to increase in the future.

Future versions of AllCharge will automatically re-park automated electric vehicles when charging is completed, allowing a succession of vehicles to be charged overnight from a single charging station.

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