Area45 Fitness Center Offers Technology-Based Exercise in Troy


Area45 Fitness has recently opened their first facility located at 3536 Rochester Rd. in Troy. The first of a projected Midwest franchise, Area45 Fitness combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) similar to the Insanity workouts, with LED lighting and pressure-sensitive floors to allow participants to track their activity level throughout the 45-minute session.

“We’re the first gym to offer a flooring solution with LED and touch pressure sensitive floors and walls, and the way it works is it’s high intensity interval training, but it’s very structured,” says Revan Hermiz, Area45’s owner. “We have eight different stations with markings on the floor for the different workouts we do at each station. Every workout has higher and lower intensity workouts for different levels of fitness, so that people who are more advanced and people who are beginners have workouts for them.”

Hermiz says the LED flooring solutions are synchronized with the workouts, but it’s not just for aesthetics. Two of the stations’ floors are touch-sensitive, allowing participants to track their movements during workouts to get a better idea of their ability.

“During our fast-feet workout, for example, we’ve had people who take up to 450 steps in a 45 second window, so that’s 10 steps per second, which is pretty insane,” he adds. “People don’t know they can do that until they try it.”

Hermiz adds that Area45’s 45 minute workouts can burn up to 1,000 calories per session, because HIIT exercises keep people’s heart rates elevated, though specifics are contingent on their height, weight, fitness level, and other factors. Area45 Fitness plans to add specific classes in addition to their current full-body workout, including classes for new moms. They also currently offer an in-house juice bar, individualized nutrition plans, personalized results tracking, and more.

More information about Area45 Fitness can be found here.

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