Aquaro Histology in Ann Arbor Receives $9.8M Investment


Ann Arbor-based Aquaro Histology, a developer for histology lab products, has completed their funding to launch the Aquaro Automated Section Mounting (ASM) following a $9.8 million investment by Telegraph Hill Partners.

Histology is the study of the microanatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals as an essential tool of biology and medicine. The study is performed by the specimen (cell or tissue) being cut into a thin cross section, stained, mounted on a slide, and examined under a microscope.

The histological stains allow microscopic structures to be identified. The Aquaro ASM facilitates hands-free microtomy in histology laboratories, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and section placement mistakes.

“The Aquaro ASM represents a powerful, automated tool for the histologist. We look forward to bringing our technology to the market and the funding and experience from Telegraph Hill Partners will enable us to complete our mission,” says Alberto Elli, CEO of Aquaro Histology.

The Aquaro ASM will be integrated into current histology laboratory workflows with the use of existing motorized microtomes. Sections will be relaxed at a user-controlled temperature and time, creating standardization and consistency, and then mounted serially. The automation of the Aquaro ASM, gives histologists the opportunity to supervise multiple microtomoes at once, better allocate resources, and decrease motion injuries.

“We are excited to move forward with additional resources to support our customers,” says Jack Ball, executive chairman for Aquaro Histology. “We aim to become leaders in providing tools to histology laboratories to improve quality, efficiency, and safety — starting with the Aquaro ASM. With this round of funding and an experienced board of directors, we are poised begin accomplishing these goals.”