Aptiv in Troy Partners with Affectiva on Advanced Sensing Solutions for Vehicle Occupants

Aptiv has partnered with Affectiva to deliver software that will detect cognitive states of vehicle occupants. // Photograph Courtesy of Affectiva

Aptiv, which operates a large mobility technology center in Troy, today announced it signed a commercial partnership agreement with Affectiva, a Boston-based MIT Media Lab spin-off and leader in Human Perception artificial intelligence (AI).

The partnership will deliver innovative, scalable software — derived from deep learning architectures — to enhance perception capabilities in advanced safety solutions and reimagine the future of the in-cabin experience.

Affectiva’s patented software is the first multi-modal interior sensing solution to unobtrusively identify, in real time, complex cognitive states of vehicle occupants. Built with large amounts of real world data, the technology can unlock deep understanding of the state of occupants in a car to deliver a highly flexible platform that will scale with evolving safety standards and future mobility needs.

“Just as perception and detection of objects outside the vehicle are critical enablers of autonomous driving, there is an increasing need for intelligent sensing inside the cabin,” says Kevin Clark, president and CEO of Aptiv. “This partnership with Affectiva will extend Aptiv’s leadership position in perception systems by complementing our portfolio with enhanced interior sensing capabilities. Using Human Perception AI this offering will improve safety and strengthen the ride experience.”

Aptiv and Affectiva will be working closely together in commercializing advanced sensing solutions for OEM and fleet customers. To further support the commercial partnership, Aptiv made a minority investment in Affectiva.

“Integrating Affectiva’s deep learning-based software into Aptiv’s connected vehicle platform will enable OEMs, on-demand mobility providers, and fleet management companies to build intelligent vehicles that understand every facet of the human experience within a vehicle,” says Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva. “We are excited to partner with Aptiv to accelerate the deployment of automotive grade in-cabin sensing AI that will enhance road safety and redefine the mobility experience.”

Affectiva is a pioneer of Human Perception AI — software that can detect nuanced human emotions, complex cognitive states, behaviors, activities, and interactions. Affectiva has built the world’s largest human state data repository with over 7 million faces analyzed in 87 countries.

Used by 25 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies, Affectiva is applying the technology to advance the next generation of multi-modal in-cabin sensing.

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