Ann Arbor’s Slurping Turtle Offers Educational Dining Series


Slurping Turtle, a Japanese restaurant in Ann Arbor, is hosting an instructive dining and demo series of classes on cuisine such as sake, ramen noodles, and salmon. Called Slurp U, the program begins April 8.

Slurp U is the first in a quarterly series of educational dining experiences from Chef Takashi Yagihashi and Slurping Turtle Ann Arbor’s executive chef Tadashi Nagura.

“I’m excited to team up with Chef Tadashi to share the recipes I loved while growing up in Mito, Japan, with our fantastic guests in Ann Arbor,” says Yagihashi. “My passion for ramen started early and eating huge bowls of noodles is one of the fondest memories of my childhood. At Slurp U, we’ll show guests how to make ramen and other Japanese dishes so hopefully they can start making their own memories with our cuisine.”

Yagihashi, who first opened a Slurping Turtle in 2011 in Chicago, has appeared on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. In 1996, he opened his first restaurant, Tribute, in Farmington Hills. It closed in 2009. The chef also operates Takashi and Tabo Sushi, both in Chicago.

Slurp U will begin with a cocktail reception, before guests are seated for a four-course meal, which will include Japanese steamed egg custard, miso-marinated baked salmon, ramen, and coconut glace (a frozen coconut dessert). Each course is paired with either Japanese beer, sake, or shochu (a distilled spirit similar to sake or vodka). The chefs will demonstrate how to make and work with Japanese ingredients and dishes.

This is the first event in a quarterly dining series. Tickets cost $75.

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