Ann Arbor’s Genomenon Prepares to Launch First Product, Appoints CEO


Genomenon, an Ann Arbor-based software company started at the University of Michigan in 2014, will launch its first product, a gene variant knowledge base called Mastermind, this December.

The Mastermind knowledge base, which finds correlations between genes, variants, and diseases required for diagnosis of cancer and genetic diseases, is curated from millions of medical publications. The publications are organized into clinical categories, and prioritized by the strength of disease-associations as determined by Genomenon’s automated platform and algorithms.

Company officials say Mastermind takes the process of searching medical literature for disease-causing variants from hours to minutes by automatically sorting through literature.

Along with the product launch, Mark Kiel, who has worked with Genomenon since its founding, will turn over his responsibilities to Mike Klein, who has been appointed as CEO of the company. Klein has more than 25 years of experience in developing, building, and growing high tech and software companies.

“Genomenon’s focus on accelerating clinical diagnostics for cancer patients is an easy mission to get behind, and the technology they’ve licensed from the University of Michigan makes it possible to have a real impact on patient outcomes,” he says.

Kiel, who has experience as a clinical pathologist at U-M, will become the chief scientific officer and vice president of product strategy for the company.

Genomenon also plans to raise additional capital to fund its growth and expand its product offering to improve clinical cancer and genetic diagnosis and treatment.

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