Ann Arbor Security Firm’s New System Aims to Prevent Data Breaches


Ann Arbor-based Duo Security today announced its new authentication product will help companies prevent data breaches by identifying out-of-date and unsecured employee devices that access their network.

Ash Devata, vice president of product at Duo Security, says devices running on outdated browsers, plugins, and operating systems pose a security threat for organizations and businesses because they’re vulnerable to attacks that can lead to data breaches.

Devata says Duo Security research found 80 percent of personal devices use Flash, which brings more than 300 vulnerabilities with it. He says more than 30 percent of employees use outdated versions of Internet Explorer and about 20 percent of employees have outdated versions of Java.

Devata says Duo Security has also added new reporting capabilities so security and information technology professionals can see which operating systems, browsers, Flash, and Java editions are most at risk of causing a data breach. Duo Security now allows administrators to set policies on any applications that devices can access without installing any agents, a program that gathers information.

“Agents are a pain for administrators to manage,” Devata says. “We offer enterprises the visibility they need, without the need to install an agent on any device.”

Duo Platform Edition customers automatically have access to all new features. Pricing for Duo Platform costs $6 per user per month. Clients include Facebook, Etsy, Nasa, and Yelp, among others.