Ann Arbor Medical Technology Companies Release New Products

Two Ann Arbor medical supply companies have launched new products – one to help prevent COVID-19 and the other to offer a better injection needle.
BlueWillow Biologics’ NanoBio Protect
BlueWillow Biologics’ NanoBio Protect nasal antiseptic is designed to kill most germs on contact for up to eight hours. // Photo courtesy of BlueWillow Biologics

Two Ann Arbor medical supply companies have launched new products – one to help prevent COVID-19 and the other to offer a better injection needle.

BlueWillow Biologics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, has announced the launch of NanoBio Protect, an alcohol-free, moisturizing, long-lasting, over-the-counter nasal antiseptic proven to kill 99.99 percent of infection-causing germs on contact.

Once applied to the skin in and around the nose, NanoBio Protect provides protection for up to eight hours. It can be applied with a cotton swab and is safe for all ages. Each bottle provides at least 40 treatments and is available on Amazon. It will launch in more than 4,400 CVS Pharmacy stores across the U.S. beginning in November.

The nose is the key entry point for most respiratory infections, according to BlueWillow. The nanodroplets in NanoBio Protect are designed to kill germs on contact.

Beginning today, for every bottle of the product purchased, one bottle will be donated to Good360, a global product philanthropy organization that works to help those impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Good360 will distribute the bottles to families in need and frontline workers serving economically disadvantaged and high-risk communities.

“We are thrilled to launch the first-of-its-kind nasal antiseptic, NanoBio Protect, a truly revolutionary product,” says Dr. Chad Costley, CEO of BlueWillow. “It couldn’t come at a more crucial time as the need to protect ourselves and our families from infection becomes even more vital.”

Studies show people touch their faces an average 23 times per hour, according to BlueWillow.

Another company, Micro-Tech Endoscopy, has launched its PinPoint Injection Needle, which is designed for single-handed operation.

“The PinPoint needle is an example of the simple, intuitive, impactful approach Micro-Tech uses to infuse innovation into all products,” says Scott Haack, USA executive global research and development director for Micro-Tech.

The 3-millimeter long lancet needle is offered in 22 and 25 gauge with a design that limits accidental needle deployment during insertion and removal. The ratchet mechanism provides audible confirmation of deployment, and a quick release button returns the needle into its sheath.

“The PinPoint sclerotherapy needle was designed to make submucosal injections easier for the practitioner,” Haack says. “The needle contains a 3-millimeter projection and a much shorter bevel for the injectate to initiate an immediate tissue response. We are committed to innovation that solves known problems, through intuitive designs that yield impactful results.”